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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Design, Engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Programming

 Design is the most critical aspect of Rusch Wheels. Our wheels are designed with love and obsession of cars in Miami, USA. Combining the light weight and high strength we are manufacturing the wheels with outstanding design. But with wheels, everything cannot be sacrificed for the sake of design. First of all, the wheel and tyre must clear the fender arch of the car which it is mounted on, and the wheel must provide sufficient clearance for the brake callipers as well.  

Кованые диски

 Every car make and model has different parameters and clearances as well as different general aesthetics. Utilizing our extensive measuring process, Rusch Forged Wheels are optimized specifically for each vehicle, maximizing concavity and perfecting overall fit.

 Rusch wheel set undergoes a rigorous design and engineering process; doing so ensures a precise final product encompassing all of the dynamic needs of our client vehicles while infusing their personal tastes, from fitment and configurations to finishes. Every Rusch Forged wheel design is physically tested in compliance with SAE, JWL, VIA and TUV standards. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software each wheel undergoes simulated cornering, radial, and impact testing specific to the vehicle.

диcки rusch
Rusch BLV-X

 Once engineered, each wheel’s CAD model is programmed for machining using computer manufacturing software (CAM). The program, or G-Code, is developed using CAM to guide each machine’s tool paths while ensuring that the final wheel precisely matches what the engineered CAD model intended.

Wheel forgings and machining process.

 Quality materials are the basis for a quality result. The wheel forgings, which we use to manufacture Rusch Forged Wheels are made in high tech IATF16949 and ISO9001 cetified full automation process factory with ultrasonic material detector line and 3 presses with extreme pressure of 12000 ton.


After press the forgings pass T6 heat treatment to create a high integrity, multi-directional grain structure. The aluminum remains solid throughout the process as the forging dies press the aluminum into the cylindrical shape of a wheel. The result is a highest strength.  


Кованые диски
Кованые диски

 6061-T6 aluminum forgings guarantee the highest quality of forged wheel. The result is a superior foundation guaranteed to last, and a trustworthy, high-performing product which meets the highest standards of our team. 

Кованые диски
Forged wheels

CNC Machining

 At this stage of production, the forged blank gradually becomes a forged wheel with a designed design. Rusch Wheels factory has 11 CNC machines for the production of forged wheels. Lathes are used to achieve high concentricity of a cylindrical workpiece, milling machines with high rigidity and spindle speed provide a smoother surface.
 The use of high-quality CNC machines allows us to achieve the highest tolerances, minimizing defects on the surface of the forgings.

Кованые диски
Кованые диски

Once the face design is complete, the wheel is rotated 180-degrees for additional milling. The lightening pockets are milled into the back pad of the wheel, with decreasing the weight wherever possible by milling the backside wheel pockets.

Кованые диски
Кованые диски

After milling and hand prep.

 Each section of milled aluminum billet goes through many stages of deburring, hand filing, buffing and polishing before it is ready for coating. A collection of tools allow our craftsmen to file and sculpt each profile to perfection, every edge receives the attention of a few hands before it is prepped for final coating. 

Кованые диски
Кованые диски

Finishing process.

 Our team utilizes a combination of liquid paints and powder coating processes. Finishing is the final process that determines the wheel’s appearance. Rusch forged wheels go through coating process in several steps: powder coating + baking + paint coating + baking + powder clear coating + baking. Total 3-coating and 3-baking coating processes. Attention to fine details determines the distinction of Rusch wheels.

 We are always focused on the perfect color choice and choose only the top quality powder coating and paint suppliers to offer our customers the supreme product.

 Precision requires consistency and consistency requires control, which is why Rusch team meticulously inspects every wheel during every step of the process. Rusch specialists conduct inspections on every wheel to ensure precision before proceeding to the next step.

The quality control team confirms every critical dimension according to detailed engineering schematics. Runout, a measurement of a rotating wheel’s roundness, is the most critical measurement. Rusch Forged wheels are checked to confirm that the runout is within tolerance.

Кованые диски
Кованые диски

Quality control.

 Accuracy requires consistency, and consistency requires control, so the Rusch team carefully checks every disc at every stage of the production process.

The quality control team checks and confirms each measurement in accordance with the tolerance in accordance with international quality standards SAE-J and JWL.

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