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“The spirit of motorsport.”

 Inspired by motorsports and car racing, Rusch delivers the highest quality forged aluminum wheels in today’s automotive market.  

 Our wheels are designed in Miami, USA, with passion and obsession of car design. We custom build one-piece monoblock and modular forged wheels, made of highest quality 6061-T6 forged aluminum billets for various premium, luxury, sports cars, supercars and SUVs, as well as provide design services for companies for the production of exclusive models.


 Every single wheel style undergoes a series of rigorous physical tests including strength, fatigue, and impact resistance. These tests allow us to guarantee that each Rusch Forged Wheel we manufacture meets the highest international safety standards.

 All of the styles are manufactured to each vehicle’s specifications and precise offsets and fitments for the best possible ride quality which maximize wheel widths, provide the deepest concave depth available. 

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